Speaker Benjamin A Smith
Time 2011-08-21 10:20
Conference PyCon Au 2011
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  • Symbolic roles

Why do developers hate sysadmins?

Why do sysadmins hate developers?


  • So convenient for developer.
  • Developers don’t read the documentation.

Sysadmins need to work out what might break it in production.

  • Why didn’t it scale?
  • Why did it break?
  • sysadmins the ones who have to get up at 2am to fix it.


  • Set verbosity level of first email to debug. Provide everything you can think of. If they can’t deploy, they can tell you.
  • E-Mail great for simple things.
  • Living documents. Online easily accessible documentation. Online wiki.
  • Meetings. Are great for suits. Don’t have meetings. Walk in with pieces of paper, walk out with pieces of paper. Too many things to discuss. Too many things to discuss you remember after you have left.
  • Break down barriers. Take people out Thursday evening, have a bear with developers and sysadmins, develop a social relationship, develop connections, make it easier to relate in day to day work.
  • “They say a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, but its not one half as bad as a lot of ignorance” – Terry Pratchett.
  • Online chat, IRC, etc. Everything is on the record. Everything is public. Log can be put online.


  • A bit from camp A and a bit from camp B.
  • DevOps meetings.


  • LTS. Sysadmins want long term stability. Developers want latest versions. Depends on when code be released. Sysadmins need to be involved early on, have understanding of what is required, do stress testing early.
  • Developers all different. Sysadmins all different.