Speaker Arjen Lentz
Time 2019-01-22 13:30
Conference LCA2019

Not about programming.

Schools. “This is cool. We should have it.” Costs millions.

Gratuitous deployment of shiny technology.

  • Moving from laptops to tablets.
  • Convenience. Small, lighter, etc. Shiny.
  • Schools don’t know what they should be doing with laptops or tablets.
  • Schools don’t know if what they should be doing can/can’t be done with tablets.

Graphical tools are cool, but don’t actually fundamentally help learning.

Schools often do not have good Internet connection. Divide bandwidth by number of students using bandwidth, and amount per student is relatively small.

Faster and more efficient to send videos by taxi.

The pigeon can be faster over the Internet.

Can’t rely on having a Internet connection.

Logging into Windows can take 5 to 10 minutes.

Gamification. Race between what looks shiny and a game. Kids can be interested without it being a game.

Teaching warps to fit current business model.

Standardised testing. Standards drop. Teaching warps to test results. Teachers only teach parts of the module that are tested. Learning next module is made more difficult because students don’t have all the required knowledge from previous modules.

We teach somebody to drive any car. Not just a particular brand/model of a car.

Replace teachers by technology. Doesn’t work.


  • Lots of good idea. However others catching up. Revisiting some of their ideas.


  • Teaching C from age 10 at schools.

Desired skills for programming

  • Pattern recognition.

Testing should be used to identify problems with curriculum. The method of testing is the problem. Not the concept of testing.