Speaker Ben Dechrai
Time 2019-08-02 09:20
Conference PyCon Au 2019
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Amazon door locks, allow courier limited access to deliver parcels without risk of parcel being stolen. With real time camera.

DOS attack against camera.

Bluetooth DOS attack. Connection would time and software would say door was locked when it was not locked.

There is no good reason to have Door connected to Internet. How do I remotely access door?

Better solution. Door receives JWT, and can authenticate JWT without Internet access.

  1. NFC reader for authentication to remote website.
  2. Website provides JWT to give to door to unlock.
  3. Write token to NFC card.
  4. Present NFC card.
  5. Door checks NFC and unlocks door.

Summary: Is possible to create solution with existing code, existing libraries, existing solutions, etc.

Result: more maintainable, more secure, etc.

  • https://github.com/bendechrai/opening-doors-rpi-android
  • https://github.com/bendechrai/opening-doors-rpi-arduino
  • https://github.com/bendechrai/opening-doors-rpi

RPI needs accurate, reliable, secure datetime.