Speaker Donna Zhou
Time 2019-08-04 11:50
Conference PyCon Au 2019
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Every developer can be a great public speaker.

Public speaking is a learnable skill.

The Human OS.

Public speaking: Grab attention of audience long enough to deliver a message.

The Human hardware fantastic. The problem is with the software. The software is full of bugs.

The timeslot before lunch, is the worst timeslot of the conference. Everyone thinking of lunch. The challenge about speaking is to ensure the talk is more exciting then lunch.

The Human OS is buggy. But it is consistently bugger. So we can come up with a hacky work around to solve the problems.

Start in the middle. Have 2 seconds to grab attention before people get upset.

Know your audience. What is in it for me? Engage with audience.

Tell stories. Great work around for software bug of getting distracted.

Have a beginning, middle, and end.

Look confident. Not a matter of actively looking at confident. More a matter of not doing things that make you look nervous.

Hands: Don’t put them in pockets. Don’t play with contents of pockets. Don’t hide your hands.

Fold arms: OK by itself, but could be a problem. Power posing, or hands to side.

Feet: Don’t lean backwards.

People want you to succeed.

Only way to improve: Practise.

Remember you are in the one in control. “Could you please hold your question to the end.”

Be terrible. Give yourself permission to be terrible.

Nervous before first gig. Nervous about being nervous. Nervous is actually excitement. Treat negative as a positive. Verbalize your feelings.