Speaker Maia Sauren
Time 2019-08-04 10:30
Conference PyCon Au 2019
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How to change the normal.

“truth” - possible to tell the same story in different ways and send completely different message.

Vaccination safety, mobile radiation safety, climate science, etc.

Always will be a percent of population that doesn’t agree. Sometimes it doesn’t matter. Sometimes it affects everyone. Not vaccination kids, not supporting more mobile phone towers, etc.

The overton window.

Calibrating to the new normal.

Change happens with feelings.

What doesn’t work is telling people what to do. Everything you say is wrong, because you are the enemy.

What does work: Become part of the group. Until you become a member of the group, what you say or do doesn’t matter.

Open ended conversations matter.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Choice: Being right or having good relationship? Does precise truth matter?

2 steps forward 1.5 steps back.