Speaker Donna Benjamin
Time 2020-01-15 09:10
Conference LCA2020
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Who is watching? Why?

Nazi Germany, before 2nd world war.

CCTV cameras everywhere to help keep us safe.

Many of us willingly mindlessly through our data around.

What if my government decides I am a threat?

Are we responsible for the actions made by the tools we use?

Observation not always a bad thing. Depends on intent. Surveillance is observation when intent is suspicion.

Don’t let the past from preventing you from living your live now.

I predict some us will meet again next year for LCA2021.


  • Resources. Internet, Food, Electricity, Roof, etc. Are these scarce? Should they be restricted? Or a basic right?

  • Information. Incorrect information can be just as powerful as the truth. Overwhelming.

  • Decision making. System of law. Road rules. Don’t discuss these systems any more. These decisions are made by somebody else.

  • Relationships.

Appreciative Inquiry. We are problems solved. We look for problems to solve. Lets look to discover what is working instead. Focus on what is good. Less despair on what cannot be fixed. Discovery. Dream. Design. Deploy.