Speaker Lizzie O’Shea
Time 2020-01-13 09:10
Conference LCA2020
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Data retention laws. Passed. How do we stop these laws? How do we reverse these laws?

UK has similar law, but is not as bad.

Intelligence sharing alliance. Five eyes.

Five eyes focused on Australia. Australia is the only western democracy without a bill of rights. Law makers can experiment with laws without worrying about consequences.

The laws of mathematics do not apply in Australia. Said Prime Minister.

Politics is about power. Not good policy.

Decryption with “no back doors”.

  • Technical Assistance Request.
  • Technical Assistance Notice.
  • Technical Capability Notice.

No recording of these requests. No transparency. Designed to be a closed system.

Warrant is not required. Judge not required to authorize access.

Journalists and sources may be affected, despite assurances otherwise.

Protections against unsafe outcomes are important.

Balancing act.

NSA accused of hoarding vulnerabilities so they cannot be fixed but exploited.

Exploits in the hands of governments get leaks into public domain and cause wide spread damage.

The AA act allows government agencies to hoard vulnerabilities and to create vulnerabilities. Nothing in the Act to require agencies to disclose vulnerabilities.

Google and Facebook fight AA bill.

Labor knows back new encryption bill due to privacy concerns. Lasted 4 days.

Labor said this needed to be passed before Christmas. Powers were not introduced before Christmas.

Demonstration of our politics at the absolute worse. We need to do something about it.

Police can snoop on McDonald’s and Westfield Wifi’ customers.

Even some people advocating for the legislation didn’t understand it properly.

Educating politicians. Consequences for politicians.

Encryption is the only, last line of protection. Not just for journalists and whistle blowers. For everyone.

Law enforcement agencies have considerably power. We should not put everything at risk to make their job easier.

Claw back some of what we have lost.