Destination Townsville, Australia
Dates 2005-08-10 to 2005-08-20
Transport airliner
Purpose holiday

In August 2005 we had a holiday in Townsville.

Day 1: Wednesday

We arrive at Townsville after a long flight. Unfortunately our luggage didn’t arrive with us. Either our luggage missed on the the flight connections, or it wasn’t removed from the aircraft before it left for Cairns.

We met Ziggy, my Sister Rose’s dog.

Day 2: Thursday

The airliner delivered our luggage to my Rose’s house.

Day 3: Friday


Day 4: Saturday

More woof.

Day 5: Sunday

New puppy arrives. I stay at Rose’s place and look after Ziggy.

Day 6: Monday

We take a walk at walk at the Crocodile Creek National Park.

Day 7: Tuesday


Day 8: Wednesday

We take a long, boring, and exhausting walk on Magnetic island. After we get back we find an interesting walk but are too exhausted to walk far on it, and are running out of time before the ferry leaves.

Day 9: Thursday


Day 10: Friday

We visit the quarantine museum and the aquarium.

Day 11: Saturday

Lunch at The Sizzlers.