Destination Paynesville, Australia
Dates 2009-05-02 to 2009-05-03
Transport car
Purpose work

Earlier May this year, we went to Paynesville to fix up Grandma’s old house.

Grandma's unit

We made a complete mess of the house. This is because we had to remove everything, in order to allow us to rent the property.

Grandma's kitchen

We took a lot of things to the tip, as we didn’t have anywhere else to put them. One car trip was very loaded, as we had two chairs, one sofa, and two beds. As well as some other bits and pieces, like an old low quality record player.

This was kind of sad, because the chairs and sofa have been in the family for a long time, however we don’t have the time to restore them to good health or any where to but them if we did restore them.

Loaded car

On the last day, we took Tyla, our dog to the beach.

The beach

Initially, Tyla was very jealous when another dog was allowed to fetch a stick in the water, but then when Tyla had a turn, the other dog became very jealous, and jumped off the jetty and into the water.

Jealous dog

Tyla was happy because we throw the stick into the water lots of times so she could fetch it.

Tyla happy

After Tyla went swimming she was a very messy with lots of sand.

Tyla sandy