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Born 19 March 1908, Australia
Died 12 July 1996, Lakes Entrance, Victoria, Australia
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Photo of Charles McGregor

Married to Jean McGregor.

From the Bairnsdale advertiser:

Charles Robert ("Mick") McGregor Born March 19, 1908, died July 27, 1996.

Mick was born on his grandparents property, on the Lindenow South-Fernbank Road, the son of Charles and Marion McGregor. His parents moved to Woodglen, where he attended school, and later moved back to Lindenow South, when his father selected land. On leaving school, Mick became a drover, working throughout East Gippsland, and then went sleeper cutting until he joined the Army in 1941. After the Second World War he continued to work in the timber industry, as well as helping his parents milk cows and grow vegetables for the Melbourne market. Later he was employed by the forests commission, where he continued to work until his retirement at the age of 65. In 1948, Mick married Jean Skinner and they had two daughters, Helen and Janice. He gained great pleasure from his grandchildren. Gavin, Brian, Phillip and Rosemary. In his younger days, Mick was taught to play the violin by Mrs. Higgins, at Lindenow South. He enjoyed playing, and entertained many people over the years with musical talents. On his retirement he moved to Paynesville, where he enjoyed caring for his large garden, and spent time fossicking in the old goldfields north of Bairnsdale. Last year failing eyesight restricted his activities, and he was hospitalized in June. Mick was well-known in Lindenow South-Fernbank district and highly respected by the many friends he made in his life of 88 years.