Relationship Grandma
Born 19 March 1918, Australia
Died 23 November 2007, Upper Beaconsfield, Australia
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Photo of Jean McGregor

Married to Charles McGregor.


Grandma says she went to Mont Albert Central School when she was 11 years old (1929). From their website:

Mont Albert Primary School, established in 1917, is proud of its fine tradition of scholarship. From 1919 until the early 1960’s it served as a central school, drawing pupils from a wide area. – John Gow, Principal, 2007

Grandma can still remember the school song:

I come from Mont Albert Central School, the school thats on the hill, sir. We love our school and keep our will and work with a right good will, sir. Our years are few but fighting through, great laurels has she won, sir. – Jean McGregor, 2006-02-14

Grandma tried to write this on paper so that she could send it to the current principal, but her writing was illegible.


After school, Grandma went to college. Monevat college? She did a course on short hand typing.


Grandma worked as a typist at a solicitors branch. Cameron and Lowenstern. Unfortunately, the solicitors closed during the war.


Then she worked as a nurse maid at the Wintercookes in Hamilton for two months. The Wintercookes had a big 2 story house with big staircase and rooms for servants. It was easy to get lost in the building.

Apparently the parents wanted at least one boy in order to continue the family name, and kept getting girls instead. They ended up with 4 girls. One was called Elizabeth, and went to boarding school in Woodend. They then had twins, and one of the twins was named Caroline, and the other was named Robert.

Grandma assisted looking after the children, who had measles.

After that she went to a smaller house, a large single story house. Also in Hamilton. The child there, Veronica, also had the measles. Veronica went to school in Hamilton, as this was the nearest big town.

At this house they obtained a big pot filled with cream, and another big pot filled with strawberries, and the cook used these to make a huge cake.

She frequently likes talking about her next job a nurse at St Leeor Nursing Home (also known as St. Leoor Hospital), which she worked at until she married Charles McGregor.


Funeral, 27th November 2007, St Thomas Church, Upper Ferntree Gully; see photos .