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  • Buses Replacing Trains

    Buses Replacing Trains

  • PT Connections

    I regularly star back in the city until late, so I can attend computer meetings in the city. The end anyway from 8pm to after 9pm.

  • Late trains

    Just my observation that trains have been consistantly 5+ minutes late since the start of the school holidays (9th April). 10+ minutes late or cancelled is more usual. Except for the occasional day when everything is almost on time. Thursday is normally the worse day of the week. Today was no exception to this rule.

  • Storms

    There were no trains from Belgrave to Bayswater (all day), so my trip into the city was slower then usual:

  • Train terminated without notice

    Today my train arrived at Box Hill station, as usual. The only warning sign something was wrong was we stopped at platform 4, not platform 3, and there wasn’t a Blackburn train terminating on platform 3. We waited.

  • Communications

    At around 7:47am, when the train was arriving at Upper Ferntree Gully station, we assumed it was the 7:47 train. Express Box Hill to Richmond, stops all stations on the city loop.

  • City link road works

    My bus to Fishermen’s bend arrived at 9:28am instead of 9:06am, because of delays, due to road works.

  • Unruly Passenger

    He didn’t seem that bad. At least compared with some passengers I have seen…

  • Express stops all stations

    Previously I had decided if I arrived at Melbourne Central station early, I would catch the Lilydale train, and change trains at Ringwood. This would protect me in case Connex decided to change the Belgrave train to skip the City Loop.

  • Missed connection

    I sent the following feedback to Metlink. I also considered contacting Connex and US Bus Lines directly, however last I tried contacting both operators I got no response. It is this kind of situation where we really need a central authority to manage this; at present when I talk to the bus drivers they blame Connex and when I talk to Connex they blame the bus companies.

  • Storms

    The following was typed in on a laptop computer with a battery that was running flat and using candle light. Errors may exist.

  • Fatal crossing

    No trains between Burnley and Camberwell stations.

  • Train and truck collide at Nunawading

    I ended up catching a 732 bus from Box Hill, after my train was delayed at Box Hill for 5 minutes, and it appeared there might have been trains queued up all the way to Blackburn.

  • Fatality at Mitcham

    Fatality tonight at Mitcham, during peak hour.

  • Trains cancelled/late/slow

    Had a very eventful trip to the city today.

  • Train driver assaulted

    Connex were blaming delays and cancellations on Platform 4 trains (Burnley group) Melbourne central on the fact a train driver was assaulted.

  • Out of order

    Trains were stuffed up today. Not only were the late, but they were out of order - I suspect this is because some trains bypassed the city loop.

  • Good announcements

    I sent the following feedback to Connex:

  • Heatherdale station

    When slowing down to stop at Heatherdale station I noticed the train was tooting its horn continuous. This seemed strange. I couldn’t work out why, and thought maybe the horn was faulty or something (for some reason it seemed quieter then usual - or was that because I was half asleep?).

  • Confusing letter

    I received this confusing letter from Connex today.

  • More overcrowding

    Train arrived flagstaff at 21:12 (two minutes late). Only 1 seat vacant at Flagstaff, had to push and shove to get it.

  • Announcement and overcrowding

    On the plus side:

  • Overcrowded trains

    I sent in a complaint to Connex:

  • Traffic lights and congestion

    Yesterday morning, I noticed there were 7 north bound trams line up on Swanston Street just south of Franklin - i.e. almost all the way to La-Trobe street. People were pouring out of the trams, like something had gone wrong. However, when we walked past the tram at the front, it started moving like nothing was wrong. Weird.

  • Signal failure

    As far as I could tell there was signal failure at Camberwell, causing extensive congestion, However, the driver wasn’t talking, so I guess it was a secret ;-).

  • Praise for train driver

    Sent 2007-02-16 to Connex via their online E-Mail form concerning Signal point of failure:

  • Signal/point failure

    Signal/point failure at Box Hill station.

  • Train is on time

    At 8:21am, I was on a Lilydale train at Heatherdale station, at the train was exactly on time.

  • 2nd week

    (note: trains were pretty much on time, possible 1-3 minutes late to be precise - times below are scheduled times).

  • Slow trains full

    Some observations from today and yesterday:

    • Trains in peak hour holiday period from the city are fuller then in non-holiday period. At least yesterday and today. I have never seen a 6 carriage train so full. Before Melbourne Central there were about 3 seats. After Melbourne Central no spare seats. After Parliament no spare breathing space. After Richmond... well you get the drift.

  • Trip times

    Lets see how times work out, UFTG to Melbourne Central:

  • Middleborough Rd project

    well… my first trip went without any problems.

  • Connex game

    Exciting trip from Upper Ferntree Gully station to Melbourne Central station this morning.

  • Faulty train

    This morning was an “exciting time” at Upper Ferntree Gully station, as the 7:31 arrived five minutes late, was declared faulty, and then waited for the next train from the city to clear the single track section (10 minutes total waiting).

  • Unannounced track works

    I got to the Montague stop, as normal, at 9:10pm. After waiting 15 minutes, it eventually dawned on me that they were no trams.

  • Middle track closed

    My city bound train approached the first set of points outside Box Hill, stopped, reversed, stopped at the signal adjacent where the temp station is going, waited, and continued going forwards again.

  • Cancelled tram

    At 9:08pm I was waiting at the Montague Street (route 109 light rail section), for the 9:11 tram. It never came.

  • Eastlink Choas

    Kaos due to Eastlink running late with bridge works.

  • Fatality at Ferntree Gully

    My train arrived at Bayswater, as usual. The station PA speakers at Bayswater station where announcing something repeatedly - it sounded like “no trains from Upper Ferntree Gully”. It was difficult to comprehend. Good. No need to worry. Then most of the passengers started leaving the train. I still didn’t know what was going on.

  • Trains delayed

    (documented from memory and rough notes 2007-02-16)